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Ul. Miloša Crnjanskog bb/II
76 300 Bijeljina, Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel:+387 55 201 245

Marktstr. 15-17
46045 Oberhausen, Deutschland
Tel:+49 208 824 3717


Monting Montaža was founded in January 1996 and has developed into a successful company which,
through quality and timely delivery of services is confirmed as a reliable business partner, both at home
and abroad. This is the best guarantee of seriousness orientation towards constant improvement of the
quality of services provided.

Services of mechanical, electrical and building installation we mainly work at oil refineries,

power plants, automotive industry, industrial locomotives and high-speed trains, sugar rafineries, 

halls(manufacture,sports and other), banks, hotels, shopping malls, etc. Monting Montaža employs

a skilled workforce that has the knowledge and experience gained in the domestic and foreign markets.

The foundation of the company are highly motivated and trained workers ready to fulfill

all customer requirements related to the quality,expertise and deadlines.

Flexibility and professionalism are two central elements of our company philosophy.


Monting Montaža has implemented integrated management system 
which defines all the procedures that are crucial to the business
and therefore the control system established to execute the request of customers
with the respect of standards, laws and regulations relevant to the quality and health of employees
and the environment.

The subject of the quality management system is mounting and repair of thermal power,
electric power and industrial buildings and final works in construction.


In addition to the certificates and licenses to perform mechanical and electrical works 
owned by the company, workers engaged in work in Germany and have the SCC certificates.
Our aim is to strengthen cooperation with existing and expansion into other markets.