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Ul. Miloša Crnjanskog bb/II
76 300 Bijeljina, Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel:+387 55 201 245

Marktstr. 15-17
46045 Oberhausen, Deutschland
Tel:+49 208 824 3717

Electrical installations

Electrical installations of industrial facilities:

  • lighting,
  • fire protection installation,
  • low-tension current installations,
  • lightning and earthing installations,
  • electrification of tunnels, bridges, squares and streets.


Electrification of electric motor drives and devices


Cabling and power supply of robotic and manual devices in automotive industry:

  • power supply of robotic distribution cabinets,
  • cabling and power supply of electric valves for robotic tools,
  • installations for robotic tools,
  • installation of safety equipment,
  • cabling and installation of conveyor belts,
  • installations for logistic production management,
  • cabling and power supply of manual devices.


Installations of industrial electrical machines


Installation of transformer substations:

  • Installation of transformers;
  • Installation of high-voltage equipment;
  • Installation of low-voltage equipment;
  • Installation of industrial machines.


Electrical systems in residential facilities

  • Electrical installations;
  • Telephone installations;
  • Antenna systems, intercom systems;
  • Lightning conductor systems.

Operation and testing methodology is implemented according to ISO 9001:2008 procedures. Installation materials must comply with JUS or VDE and DIN standards, if there are no applicable JUS standard.

Cables must comply with the following standards: JUS N.C5.220/75, JUS N.CO.006, JUS N.CO.010, JUSN.CO.015, JUS N.CO.030 and JUS N.CO.075.

Distribution boards must comply with the following standards: JUS N.B2. 752, JUS NG.2.659.

Protection must comply with JUS N.B2.741 standard.

Earthing system must be in accordance with JUS N.B2.754 standard.