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76 300 Bijeljina, Bosna i Hercegovina
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Suspended ceilings

1.  Suspended GK ceilings

Suspended ceilings, System D111
Suspended ceilings, System D112
Suspended ceilings, System D113
Suspended ceilings, System D141
Suspended ceilings, System D142

The suspended ceilings are fixed to the supporting ceiling by wire or anchoring elements. GKB, GKBI or GKFI Knauf panels are mounted onto the metallic sub-structure composed of steel supporting and prefabricated CD sections.

Mineral wool insulation may be inserted in the structure sections to achieve:

  • Savings in heating costs due to improved thermal insulation;
  • Improved acoustic insulation due to air interlayer between the GK panel and the ceiling;
  • Reduction of noise level and controlled echo on GK panels with holes or cutouts;
  • Improved fire protection.


2.   Coffered ceilings

In terms of quality, engineering characteristics and innovation, coffered ceilings represent the state-of-the-art solution in the field of suspended ceilings.

Our company manufactures various types of ceiling planks with:

  • Grooves in blocks;
  • Displaced grooves;
  • Grooves in lines;
  • Simple perforation;
  • Double perforation;
  • Irregular perforation,

depending on what the customer wants to achieve.



High performance acoustic insulation and great absorption performances;

Excellent mechanical strength and resistance to damage during assembly and disassembly;

Environmentally friendly materials free of harmful mineral fibres;

Easy tailoring and fast assembly;

Moisture-proof; easy cleaning with wet cloth and refractory properties;

Easy access to the interspace;

Low weight;

Ideal acoustic properties achieved by combining absorbing and reflecting ceiling planks;

Comfortable dwelling, natural moisture regulation


3.  Metal ceilings

Suspended metal ceilings are manufactured as coffered ceilings – the difference is that, instead of GK panels, metal panels standardised in sizes with various types of grooves, honeycombed with series of different openings or in various shapes (elliptical, semi-circular, circular, etc.), reticular, perforated, flat or corrugated, solid, etc. are used. Cm

 Metal grid CD 60/27, D112

Flush metal grid CD 60/27, D113

Suspended ceilings on CD sections 60x27x0.6

By using suspended metal ceilings, outstanding aesthetical appearance and functionality in representative business premises are achieved. Also, the placement of air-conditioning, ventilation and other equipment and installations between the supporting and the suspended ceiling is particularly effective. Most often, the spatial illumination equipment is recessed into the metal slabs, thus providing a single visual entity.

Spatial illumination devices may be installed above the metal grid, thus achieving the effect of a hidden light – the illumination is provided through the panel openings. In addition to these effects, the metal panels provide extraordinary acoustic and fire resistant insulation. The visual appeal may be increased by using metal panels in various colours and shades.