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Ul. Miloša Crnjanskog bb/II
76 300 Bijeljina, Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel:+387 55 201 245

Marktstr. 15-17
46045 Oberhausen, Deutschland
Tel:+49 208 824 3717

Thermal insulation works

MONTING MONTAŽA d.o.o. carries out thermal and acoustic insulation works, as follows: insulation of AC ducts, all types of pipes, tanks, boilers and water heaters, as well as insulation of vessels for various purposes.

We execute the works in thermal power plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants, heating plants, sugar refineries, industrial cold storage plants, public and business facilities, production workshops, sports and other halls both within the construction of new facilities and within the overhaul and maintenance of industrial and business facilities.



We carry out the works both indoor and outdoor, at temperatures from -5°C to +40°C. Preparation of materials (tailoring) for installation is carried out in situ or in site workshops for permanent or occasional sites.


Types of insulation


  • Insulation based on mineral wool and aluminium or galvanised sheetmetal

Thermal conductivity of mineral wool is in accordance with DIN 4102 standards in thicknesses as required. Single-layer insulation is used for insulation thicknesses up to 100 mm, and multi-layer insulation is used for thicknesses more than 100 mm.

On insulations that are more than 60 mm thick, space bars (outriggers) are used and, as necessary, steel HVT rings 30x3 mm mutually separated into thicknesses of 5 mm. 

  • Aluminium or galvanised sheet metal of various thicknesses is placed onto so constructed and assembled substructure:
    • For insulation diameter up to 200 mm, 07 mm
    • For insulation diameter 200 mm to 600 mm, 08 mm
    • For insulation diameter more than 600 mm, 1.0 mm


Flanges, valves and expansion joints are insulated by easily dismantling jacks.

  • Armaflex AC insulation
  • Fireproof insulation by promat panels
  • Pipeline insulation: K-flex duct liners/Eco-tubes
  • Tubular and plate insulation made of expanded polyethylene