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Ul. Miloša Crnjanskog bb/II
76 300 Bijeljina, Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel:+387 55 201 245

Marktstr. 15-17
46045 Oberhausen, Deutschland
Tel:+49 208 824 3717

Metal - welding and pipe fitting works

Welding works

Welding works are carried out on carbon and high-alloyed steels, as well as on white metals.

We apply the following welding procedures:

  • Arc welding with coated electrode (using manual arc welding)
  • MAG welding in CO2 shielding
  • Non-consumable tungsten electrode welding in argon shielding gas (TIG welding), AC and DC
  • Oxy-fuel (gas) welding


  • JUS
  • DIN 8560


Pipeline construction of mutually connected pipes with impenetrable joints, with associated fittings, expansion joints, control and measuring devices, supports and other auxiliary elements, construction of pipelines in industry and housing construction.

Pipe fitting works include:

  • Gas transmission pipelines
  • Vapour transmission pipelines
  • Liquid transmission pipelines
  • Technological pipelines
  • Sanitary technical pipelines